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WIMI AR Hologram’s High-quality Holographic Artificial Person Developed for AI Interaction in the House

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WIMI AR Hologram’s High-quality Holographic Artificial Person Developed for AI Interaction in the House

March 29
04:09 2019

Strictly speaking, this female companion adopts the two major future technologies including holographic AR and artificial intelligence (AI). The frequently-seen AI is familiar to the public, such as mature products including the Siri, Microsoft Xiaobice or Google Assistant. But how fantastic the combination of holography with AI is.

In fact, this technology has become realized and even been applied into a product. WIMI AR Hologram has launched a holographic female companion product. And the 3D holographic girlfriend, as the name suggests, acts as your hot girlfriend. And the user can lead her into the bedroom, which breaks through the limitations on time and space. Holographic female companion has a number of functions, including using the Internet of Things to control home appliances and chatting with the user. And furthermore, it can also accomplish the facial recognition and motion recognition. In other words, it can be able to recognize you and also adjust the way of interaction based on changes in your movements. The high-quality holographic girlfriend of WIMI AR Hologram will allow “very realistic communication and interaction”, and WIMI AR Hologram plans to insert AI technology in the software, allowing natural and interaction-based switch between sexy girlfriend and non-sexy girlfriend.

In a nutshell, the principle of holographic projection is that the optical principles are used to display three-dimensional images in the air. Spatial holographic projection screen is a new generation of display equipment, with unparalleled advantages of high definition, strong light resistance, ultra-low thickness, and ageing resistance. It is made up of nano-optical components at the molecular level: holography color filter crystal as the core material, coupled with results of nanotechnology, materials science, optics, and polymer technology and the related preparation processing technologies, and further organic materials, inorganic nano-powder and fine metal powder as raw materials. Despite the lightweight body, the screen has advanced precision optical structures for the purpose of high-definition and high-brightness perfect imaging.

At present, the projector acts as the most commonly used light source for holographic projection. For one thing, the brightness of such a light source is relatively stable. For another, the projector also has the function of magnifying the image, and such a function is very practical in holographic projection exhibitions. Holographic projection technology brings picturesque scenes to the audience and leads the audience to another world. Such a technology breaks through the limitations of traditional sound, light and electricity, and the spatial imaging can support bright-color, high-contrast, high-definition, highly spatial and highly perspective projection. It not only produces stereoscopic aerial images, but also enables images to interact with performers. The interaction will bring about stunning performances.

WIMI AR Hologram adopts two common models of film & dramas. Based on mature technology and rich content reserves, WIMI AR Hologram effectively cuts the high cost of technical implementation and content creation cost, successfully solving the industrial pain points. Further, WIMI AR Hologram breaks through the barriers between the film and the drama, integrates the industry chain, and provides one-stop services. Besides, WIMI AR Hologram creates virtual holograms of top artists and shapes virtual characters as stars, and then the holography technology can be used to break through limitations on time and place. Also, the holographic stage design platform can provide a combination of virtual effects rendering and virtualize the physical scenes for the purpose of reducing the cost and improving presentation effects.

In the face of the increasingly competitive color TV market, it is time for modular TV to subvert the existing market structure. Under the background of fierce homogenization competition in the content industry, a minority of valuable and critical content is the main factor determining the whole organization’s output, profitability and success.

WIMI AR Hologram has developed a number of audio “black technologies” and absorbed innovative technologies to support Dolby Atmos, so that the audience can feel the wonderful experience surrounded by stereo sound and enjoy the immersive family entertainment life. WIMI AR Hologram will form the protection for hundreds of patents according to its own 295 related patents, 76 software copyrights and 4,325 holographic content reserves ranking first in the industry, so as to ensure that the latest and coolest holographic AR technology can be successfully reflected in commercial applications in Greater China. Its commercial application scenarios are mainly concentrated in five major fields of home entertainment, light field cinema, performance system, commercial launch system and advertising display system.

WIMI AR Hologram is the representative enterprise which takes the lead in holographic technology in China. WIMI AR Hologram platform which acts as the core technology of the company covers many market segments such as systems, platforms, development tools, applications and consumer content. Compared with the existing technology, such a revolutionary technology enables consumers to receive the much better visual experience. WIMI AR Hologram creates a world-leading new display technology (glass-free 3D, large touch screen, flexible display, VR/AR, and holography) industry sector, which is an important strategic direction and industrial layout of WIMI AR Hologram. Over the years, based on the world-leading light field technology, WIMI AR Hologram has been in a leading position around the world in the field of glass-free 3D, large touch screen and flexible display technology through the industry extension of modular system solutions. Especially, investing in holography-related companies has allowed WIMI AR Hologram to take the lead in the field of AR and holographic technology around the world, further improved WIMI AR Hologram’s holography industry layout and ecological chain construction, and provided important protection for the long-term, sustainable, healthy and rapid development of WIMI AR Hologram.

Modern technologies are becoming more and more developed, resulting in many amazing inventions. They are like magic, fantastic and great! The continuous upgrade of holographic technology and increasingly intelligent digital images convince the people that the “alive” AI holographic girlfriend developed for ordinary families will be never the nonsense.

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