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Tiger Financial Group Issues Asset Packages Simultaneously Worldwide And 10,000 Are First Issued!

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Tiger Financial Group Issues Asset Packages Simultaneously Worldwide And 10,000 Are First Issued!

May 06
22:27 2019

Tiger Financial Group is a company that provides independent financial services to growing and medium-sized market companies.

It has been operating in Australia and the United States to provide customized financial solutions for leading private enterprises across industries.

Tiger Financial Group has always insisted that enterprises should obtain world-class financing solutions, and the best terms are driven by competition. Tiger Financial Group provides services to global investors, which enables customers to choose capital partners.

Tiger can complete asset ownership confirmation, data authenticity verification, asset rating and analysis, asset pricing and management, asset service and collection and disposal, liquidity of assets and financial derivatives, etc. with high efficiency and low cost. All of these can greatly reduce the cost of financing intermediaries, lower the threshold for product issuance and reduce the overall financing cost in the end.

To investing in Tiger Asset Packaging is to invest in equity, bonds and other equity assets of high-quality enterprises in the world, digital copyrights such as high-quality film and television works and real estate assets such as global high-quality real estate. Users who hold Tiger Asset Packaging can use TFG to exchange shares of listed companies or the above quality assets in the future. Meanwhile, TFG also has the risk resistance capacity. It lowers the investment threshold for high-quality assets, so that small investors can also enjoy investment in high net worth projects.

As the greatest financial innovation in the 20th century, asset securitization is booming in the world. U.S. securitized products are issued in trillions of dollars every year. From 2015 to 2017, China’s securitization issuance grew at an annual rate of more than 80%, the total number of market in the field and over-the-counter market issuance in 2017 exceeded 700 billion US dollars, and is expected to exceed 1 trillion US dollars in 2020.

Tiger will issue 1 million asset packages; starting with 10,000.The asset package releases a certain amount of TFG every day. Members can convert TFG into legal tender of various countries, and they can also obtain higher dynamic reward returns through the development of their own team in Tiger.

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