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New Indiegogo campaign introduces revolutionary ecoPlant which turns waste plastic into Ultra-Clean fuel

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New Indiegogo campaign introduces revolutionary ecoPlant which turns waste plastic into Ultra-Clean fuel

May 06
22:33 2019
A groundbreaking, high-tech ecoPlant plant designed to convert non-recyclable waste plastic into ultra-clean, ultra-low sulphur fuel (which can power today’s vehicles) will significantly reduce plastic waste and cut CO2 emissions by 50%.

A ray of hope amid the alarming reports of increasing plastic waste and staggering CO2 emissions; Clean Planet Energy (CPE), a dynamic team of London-based recycling enthusiasts, has recently launched a campaign on Indiegogo for its breakthrough ecoPlant which can turn non-recyclable waste plastics into ultra-clean ultra-low Sulphur fuel for use in today’s vehicles. Unlike regular recycling plants which can’t accept 90 percent of non-recyclable plastics, an ecoPlant can work with all the 7 types of plastic (including single-use plastic and dirty plastic). 

The campaign is geared to raise $65,000 within the first quarter of June 2019, enough to unlock the resources needed to launch the first ecoPlant.

The CPE ecoPlant is driven to solve two burning issues of today:

  • Damage caused to wildlife and marine life due to mounting plastic waste on land and in our oceans. 

  • Damage caused to the climate and our health due to excessive CO2, NOx and SOx emissions from the increasing use of fossil-fuel.

“Our environment and life as we know it are in danger, and the problem is worsening with each passing year. This year the world will be using 500 million more barrels of oil fossil-fuels compared to 2018. This will generate a further rise in greenhouse gasses as well as other kinds of poisonous gases in the atmosphere. We don’t believe society is willing to change all the vehicles and machines which use these polluting fossil fuels overnight, so for the immediate future we believe the smartest thing to do here is to replace these harmful fossil-fuels with an ultra-clean fuel that will reduce the volume of dangerous gases in the air. This is where every community needs an ecoPlant”, stated Dr. Andrew Odjo, polymer-to-fuel scientist and a founding member of Clean Planet Energy. 

The CPE ecoPlant is powered by a licensed and commercially tested technology termed as “Thermo-Catalytic Pyrolysis.” This state of the art technology enables the ecoPlant to transform non-recyclable dirty plastics into Ultra-Clean fuel which burns with very negligible SOx (Sulphur) and NOx (Nitrogen) emissions – these emissions alone were the cause of twenty-five thousand early-deaths in the UK last year [according to the National Health Service].

“Our CPE ecoPlant is engineered to operate 24/7 and can transform 40 tones of non-recyclable plastic-waste per day to over 30 thousand liters of ultra-clean fuel. It’s enough to eliminate the equivalent of 2 million plastic bottles from our landfill and oceans each day, and fill-up around 500 vehicles with eco-friendly clean fuel from the output. The UN has stated that we have to significantly cut down on CO2 emission in the coming 10 years to prevent the looming catastrophic damage to be caused by climate change, and we believe our ecoPlant is part of the solution”, Dr. Odjo continued.

Such a revolutionary project demands robust financial backup and this Indiegogo campaign will enable the CPE team to unlock the resources to build the first ecoPlant and create a clean, eco-friendly safe future for the entire world.

Interestingly, the CPE ecoPlant generates sufficient power to operate itself, and unlike other recycling techniques it does not use any form of incineration –  this assures significant cuts to CO2 and toxic emissions during the creation of the fuel.  

Among others, Backers will be rewarded with name engraving on the flagship ecoPlant, a Founding digital certificate, along with the ability to provide their local community with an ultra-clean fuel. 

To show your support for the campaign, please go to

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