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Mayan Prophecies will release its first Prophecy Code on June 7

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Mayan Prophecies will release its first Prophecy Code on June 7

June 07
05:47 2019

According to official sources, some blockchain industry organizations and communities have recently joined forces to challenge traditional exchanges and project parties to form Mayan prophecies. The birth of the blockchain should be the most unusual and mysterious invention and technology in the history of human science, just like the mysterious Mayan prophecies, because in addition to the blockchain. There is still no major invention without inventors in the history of modern science.

On October 31, 2008, Bitcoin founder Nakamoto (a pseudonym) published a paper in the Cryptography Mail Group: “Bitcoin: a point-to-point electronic cash system.” In this article, the author claims to have invented an electronic money system that is not controlled by government or institutions. Blockchain technology is the basis for supporting bitcoin operations. Blockchain technology should be born from the community to the community. The arrival of the blockchain makes the future unlimited and full of imagination.

At present, it has obtained first round of investment by the Foundation such as Basic chain Capital, Chain Capital, the US Blockchain Financial Payment Technology Fund, and Qige Community, Longfei Community, Sunshine Community, Shangde Community, Jiujiu Community, Sidian Community, Jufeng Community, Gongying Community and Dianran Community other communities to participate in the formation. It is understood that the “Maya prophecies” will be published on June 7th the first “Prophecy Code.”

The Maya prophecies are currently recruiting 108 Mayan nodes for the world. The Mayan node is the only symbol of the Mayan mythology organization. They will enjoy closed-door exchanges of high-end blockchains around the world, access to cutting-edge information on the Mayan mythology incubator project, and receive global dividends based on contributions. The Maya node will reshape the community and build a quantitative consensus.

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