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Hu Jiaqi Received Letters and Calls from Ambassadors and Scientists all over the World

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Hu Jiaqi Received Letters and Calls from Ambassadors and Scientists all over the World

June 07
06:39 2019

The famous anthropologist Hu Jiaqi’s “the 4th open letter to the leaders of mankind” received many responses.

At the end of April 2019, Hu Jiaqi addressed a letter to world leaders, the world’s top scientists and scholars, and world-renowned media figures, calling on all mankind to be vigilant and united as soon as possible and to strictly restrict the development of science and technology together for avoiding the extinction of mankind by science and technology.

Hu Jiaqi has studied human problems for forty years, and drawn a series of important conclusions. The first important conclusion is that science and technology are a double-edged sword which can benefit or destroy human beings. The stronger ability to benefit human beings is, the greater power to destroy us is. Nowadays, science and technology have developed to such a height and have been still developing at a high speed. If no further measures are taken, science and technology will soon exterminate human beings, after 200 to 300 years or even decades.

For this reason, Mr. Hu Jiaqi has been running for the cause of saving human beings with great anxiety, and written many letters to world leaders, the Secretary-General of the United Nations and famous scientists.

At the time when his book Saving Humanity (English version) was published in North America, Mr. Hu Jiaqi wrote an open letter again to world leaders. It is the 4th letter. When Saving Humanity (Chinese version) was published in China in 2007, Hu Jiaqi wrote to human leaders for the first time, calling for global people’s unified action to limit the development of science and technology. Then he wrote to human leaders twice, but received no response.

The previous open letters were sent only to the leaders of major powers, while this time Hu Jiaqi extended his open letters to the leaders of all countries in the world, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the world’s top scientists and scholars, and world-renowned media figures.

To his delight and excitement, this time Mr. Hu Jiaqi has received many replies and recognition. On May 23, 2019, the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to China called Hu Jiaqi, expressing that he was shocked by the letter and the book asked to forward to the President of Slovakia. So he called for asking that Mr. Hu Jiaqi would send him two more books, one for himself and another for the Prime Minister. It fully reflects the sincere recognition of the ambassador in China, a perfect stranger, to Hu Jiaqi’s research achievements.


In fact, Hu Jiaqi sent the letter and the book to ambassadors of countries in China, only troubling them to forward the letter as well as the book to the leaders of the countries. However, after reading Hu Jiaqi’s “4th open letter to the leaders of mankind” and Saving Humanity, the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic hoped that Hu Jiaqi would not only give himself a book, but also present one to the Prime Minister of his country. This kind of action is undoubtedly the recognition and shock from his own heart, not just a superficial formality.


Of course, there is no reason to disagree. On the same day, Hu Jiaqi posted the book and sent an email to the Ambassador. The email said, Mr. Hu always welcomes Mr. and Mrs. Ambassador to his company and is very glad to discuss human issues together. On May 24th, after reading Hu Jiaqi’s e-mail, Mr. Ambassador called Hu Jiaqi again to thank him and accept his invitation.

Hu Jiaqi stated the truth with his most persistent belief – “taking the crisis of survival as a warning and saving human beings as a sacred duty”. And his research achievements are like the tall buildings that block the sun and soar into the sky, standing out majestically. Such magnificent buildings can not be completed overnight or in just a few years. Beyond respect, it also reflects the penetrating force in his writing which shocked the ambassadors of the Slovak Republic and other countries, the world’s top scientists and so on.

On the same day, May 24, Hu Jiaqi received an autograph letter from the ambassador of Guyana to China. In the letter, Mr. Ambassador expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Hu Jiaqi for his “fourth open letter to human leaders” and Saving Humanity and showed his sincere admiration and appreciation for Hu’s research spirit and achievements.

At present, Hu Jiaqi has received a lot of responses and recognition by his fourth open letter. In addition to embassy of Mexico to China, embassy of Sri Lanka to China, embassy of the Republic of Rwanda to China, etc., he also received calls and replies from the world’s top scientists and scholars including the Master of Trinity College, Cambridge and Nobel Prize winner Sir Gregory P. Winter, the President of University of Manchester Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, the President of City University of Hong Kong Professor Way Kuo and so many others.

These letters and calls showed recognition for Hu Jiaqi’s work. Everyone concerned felt shocked with his research results, and admired his persistent spirit of unremitting research on human problems and running for appeals.


In the face of the whole process of human history, an individual’s strength is insignificant. But Mr. Hu Jiaqi, devoting himself to the cause of mankind, is great indeed. For 40 years, Hu Jiaqi has been persistently studying human problems for a long time in an isolated and helpless environment. In order to avoid the extinction of human beings by science and technology, he has been fighting alone and running for appeals. His extremely persistent spirit is very rare.

He has written open letters to leaders of countries and the Secretary-General of the United Nations many times, explaining reasons why continued development of science and technology will exterminate humans soon and we have to take united action to restrict the development with determination if we want to avoid human extinction. He has been appealing human leaders to shoulder the sacred responsibility of saving humanity. At the same time, he’s been also spreading his views through various channels. For example, as early as 2007, he started his own website (, showing his research results in both Chinese and English languages. And he also published articles in various Chinese and English media, journals and online platforms and made speeches in universities and research institutions. In addition, he exchanged ideas and discussed with his friends including writers, members of the CPPCC, scientists and so on. Since he believes his point of view is very important and concerns the life and death of all mankind.

Although not all work of Mr. Hu Jiaqi was plain sailing, he never considered giving up. “For the ideal that I hold dear to my heart, I’d not regret a thousand times to die.” Hu Jiaqi’s been insisting on research and appeals for the overall survival of mankind, which can be called unswerving. With the strongest will, he never yield in spite of reverses, which makes him get admiration and respect from ambassadors, top scientists and scholars.

Bacon once said that in the long river of human history, the dawn of truth is often as heavy as gold, so it always sinks to the bottom of the river and is difficult to be perceived. On the contrary, only falsehoods can spread like mustard everywhere.

Mr. Hu Jiaqi’s research results are the heavy gold, although they are still sinking in the bottom of the river. But by the impetus of his persistent spirit, we believe that it will eventually break through the heavy fog and shine in all directions.

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