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Innovative Housing Showcase: Washington DC Has HUD’s Ben Carson Saying the Future of Affordable Housing Is Now

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Innovative Housing Showcase: Washington DC Has HUD’s Ben Carson Saying the Future of Affordable Housing Is Now

June 07
08:13 2019

As toxic waste, pollution and an escalating housing crisis point to a dystopian future – 1000’s are converging on the National Mall in Washington DC from June 1 – June 5, to participate in the first annual Innovative Housing Showcase of ecological, affordable, sustainable and resilent habitats.

Submitted by Cristiane Roget, Sr. Correspondent AdAvenueGroup-Forbes™ and H. Marco Berkson, Esquire

Washington D.C./ Reminiscent of a scene out of ‘Mad Max’ the future primal film franchise, a caravan of vehicles transporting all manner of dwellings, habitats and living spaces are converging on the National Mall in Washington DC this Saturday June 1st to Wednesday – June 5th. Participants of the Innovative Housing Showcase are putting out a welcome mat. Secretary Ben Carson of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is leading the charge on a groundbreaking building evolution whose time has come.

From giant erector set like frames produced by Prescient Co. with Satyen Patel revolutionizing the 3D building environment to FOB’s * pizza parlors housed in steel modules with design by Alex Varonos and David Fleming, consulting for

In the span of 24 hours the entire length of the National Mall was transformed into a pop up community featuring new building technologies that are affordable and sustainable housing and commercial space solutions.

More than 2,500 persons, companies and visionaries are participating. Policy makers from all branches of national to local government and community activists joined keynote speakers. The forum includes panel discussions to interactive demonstrations with exhibitors, lawmakers, entrepreneurs and leaders in the housing industry. The Innovative Housing Showcase is open to the public and free of charge.

Exhibitors of prototype homes and commercial spaces have built a pop-up community of inspirational exhibits that embrace innovative building technologies that address affordability and resiliency in the face of natural and man-made disasters. Alex Varonos of FOB ((Fast Operational Building Systems) and Pastor Kurt Steinbach of Min Max Spaces, the premiere choice for safe, affordable and durable residential and commercial, ecological modular construction, miraculously delivered on a bet. One short month ago Alex was challenged to purchase a module in Southern California, rehabilitate it into a franchise headquarters in Phoenix, freight it across the country on a flatbed truck and arrive at the National Mall in the span off a few weeks and at a cost less than a midsize automobile. He won! and this writer owes Varonos a dinner at Miami Beach’s legendary ‘Joe’s Stone Crabs’.

“After year’s in research, sourcing and development, our compact modular eco friendly homes and commercial spaces ( are set to stem the tide of homeless and displaced populations, military veterans, the disenfranchised and all those deserving of an affordable, sustainable, and indestructible dwelling, smart home or business” confirms Mike Reppe, President of Min Max Spaces.

“These structures are stackable and scalable up to five stories without a reinforced grid. They are bolted together, secured with pylons and stakes without negatively impacting the bio diversity below the ground. They are built to sustain cyclones, hurricane or seismic events. As they are mobile, they can be pre-fabricated and positioned in a vast number of configurations, on any terrain.” “They are integrated seamlessly into urban, rural and wilderness ‘off the grid’ settings,” says John Hughes, CEO of Min Max Spaces.

“For the ‘do it your selfers’ Min Max Spaces can deliver easy assembly kits ‘Made in America’ at less than half of the standard square footage costs associated with bricks and mortar construction,” says visionary designer David Fleming, the Oz behind the curtain with headquarters in Southern California.

Entity Management, Gene Kinzer and Ron Rasmussen co-owners of manufactured home communities and multi-family apartment complexes confirmed, “On the green today are housing innovations that hold the key to reversing the spiraling housing crisis that is plaguing Americans and beyond.”

Phil Mulligan, Operation Specialist for FOB™ confirmed that, “All components in our dwellings and commercial spaces utilize eco friendly materials from bamboo flooring to hemp insulation and roof top vertical vegetable gardens. Building protocols include new and reclaimed steel containers with designs that are standardized, rigorous and are made to exceed stringent LEED specifications. Optional features include solar panels, wrap around decks, on site washer & dryer, atmosphere water reclamation systems and built in smart amenities from Alexa™ to Wi-Fi”.

“Imagine a factory of Legos™ on steroids”, quips Holmes Stoner, who flew in from Beijing for the confab. Founder of the Pacific Rim Business Council and Co- Founder of the Green Alliance. International he is an international ambassador at large. Stoner has been a vocal advocate of prototype homes and serves as an esteemed keynote speaker at countless global forums.

He takes a page from Science Professor Louis G. Herman‘s book, Future Primal: How our Wilderness Origins Show us the Way Forward (San Francisco: New World Library 2013), “the Innovative Housing Showcase is a bold and imaginative attempt to sway hearts and minds away from the converging crises of violent conflict, political corruption and global ecological destruction. Herman argues that for us to create a fulfilling future, we need to reflect on our deepest past to reclaim the roots of our humanity,” says Stoner.

Standard features include fully built out interiors and exteriors with windows, doors, electricity, plumbing, wall and floor treatments, bathroom fixtures and kitchen outlets with insulation that will take this mobile structure from Siberia to the Sahara. The aspirational dream of home ownership is now within reach. “With 100’s of design variations available and over 25 distinct blueprints to choose from; the design of a Min Max Spaces is only limited by the owner’s imagination,” confirms Phil Mulligan, a master of fast operational building systems, who just inked a deal to build 150 pizza parlors on the West Coast.

The Innovative Housing Showcase is made possible with funding provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, (HUD) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), as well as, the generous financial support from MiTek®, the International Code Council, Inc., the National Multifamily Housing Council, the Whirlpool Corporation and Professional Builder®.

Read More: “Our structures are built to accommodate businesses, homes, multi-story offices, emergency relief structures and any kind of commercial enterprise from mini spas, surf shacks, French bakeries, pizza pop up places, like FOB’s” confirms Alex Varonos. “If the purchaser can imagine it, we can build it!” according to Chip Johnson, MinMax Spaces Communications Consultant.

Confirms Jeff Erfman, Stephen Knapp, Project Managers and Rich Pond, Chief Marketer for Prescient Co. “Our platform leverages the latest developments in digital BIM (Building Information Modeling) design and advanced manufacturing practices to build multi-unit residences much faster, more efficiently and for the long term. Our light gauge steel buildings are certified for seismic zones, and resist high wind velocities, fire, termites and mold.” Francois Huynh – Co-modeco Partner and former Project Manager for Yahoo, confirms “The strategic alliance between MinMax Spaces and Ad Avenue Group, a company specializing in aggregation and distribution of news to assures that the brand message will reach those who need it most, in other words, “Everyone!”

Quote: “As a builder and archeologist that has studied native populations that date back millenniums where communities were built for and by people, today so much of the building protocols serve the bottom line of the developers rather than an emphasis on the quality of life of the residents.” – Berek Dore II.

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