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Upcoming Kickstarter campaign to introduce innovative insoles with tracking sensors for optimum child health

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Upcoming Kickstarter campaign to introduce innovative insoles with tracking sensors for optimum child health

June 11
08:57 2019
Smart Insoles are revolutionary sensor-backed insoles that can gauge the humidity and temperature of a child’s feet and alert his parents about the child’s health immediately through a mobile app.

No more sick children from cold feet. A sigh of relief for parents! A dynamic electronics development company, Smart Insoles, is soon to launch on Kickstarter. Aptly titled “Smart Insoles,” these sensor-backed insoles can check the humidity and temperature of a child’s (the wearer) feet and notify the parents on real-time information about the child’s health. 

The FIRST of its kind, Smart Insoles are designed with shockproof and waterproof sensors that are aimed to prevent children from getting sick. These state of the art insole works in tandem with a smartphone app. The in-built sensors in the insoles work to track humidity and temperature in a child’s feet when the child is wearing it. If the child’s feet are wet or cold, the insole will notify his parent through its smartphone app installed in the parent’s mobile. This way, parents will be able to take precautions for the child right on time and protect his health. These smart insoles are easy to use. Parents can replace the insole of their children’s existing shoe with a Smart Insole.

“Children get sick several times a year, and it mostly starts with wet and cold feet. Cold and wet feet lead to activation of microbes that weaken down your little one’s resistance capacity. And that makes your kiddo sick. But you can finally bid to such woes with the help of our revolutionary Smart Insoles with tracking sensors. We assure strong health for your kids,” stated a leading spokesperson from Smart Insoles team.

Smart Insoles are crafted with a special kind of antibacterial fabric on lower and upper surfaces that assures optimum comfort for a child’s feet and leg. These innovative insoles are designed in partnership with a seasoned orthopedist to keep the little one healthy and happy.

“It’s no less than a nightmare for any parent to see his/her child coughing and sneezing badly due to wet & cold feet. But thanks to Smart Insoles, now you will know the right time to act on and prevent these unwanted issues so that your little one can be in optimum health.”

Smart Insoles also comes with a pedometer that will help to detect the correct position of a child’s feet inside the shoe. This pedometer with step analytics will not just track steps of the child but will also inform the parents if the kid has flat feet. 

And that’s not all!

Smart Insoles even carry a Bluetooth feature that will enable parents to monitor the location of their children in real-time.

“Our innovative insoles are easy to charge as well, thanks to their wireless charging capacity.”

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